HIPPIKA Equestrian Sports Centre Village of Grintsy, 231104, Oshmiany district, Grodno region, Belarus
Tel./fax: (01593) 4-53-53
Tel. Cafe: (01593) 4-04-12
Mobile: (029) 610-74-23
     HIPPIKA Equestrian Sports Centre was named after the famous ancient book – “The Book of Horses”, published in 1603. The book was written by the Great Lithuanian Governor Kryštaf Monwid Darahastajski, who preferred to reside most comfortably in his manor Murowano-Oshmianka. The nobility of the Great Lithuanian Principality had a passion for horse riding and thoroughbreding. Darahastajski was the first to produce a written teaching of manege as a delicate study.


   The Centre is located in the village of Grintsy, Oshmiany district, 130 km distance from Minsk and half-hour drive from Vilnius, the capital of  Lithuania. 

   The Centre accommodates stables with 46 horse boxes and 2 covered riding halls for horse training, 2 open-air fields (for show jumping and riding), guest lodges and cafe. The Centre avails playgrounds for tennis and volleyball. Visitors are provided individual and group riding both in covered halls and at the open air under the supervision of experienced trainers.

    At the Centre there is a cafe named “Straunia u Darahastayskaga” (“Meals at Darahastajski’s”), where guests can enjoy delicacies of the national and European cuisine. One can be marveled by both the taste and the appellations. Among them are: “Viachera ad zhonki Darahastayskaga” (“Dinner by Darahastajski’s wife”), “Dzikaye paliavanne” (“Wild hunting”), “Ryba pa-shliakhetsku” (“Fish a la noblesse”), etc. 

     At the cafe we organize folk
parties with folk ensembles invited.
We shall be glad to see you as a
guest of our Centre.
You are always welcome!
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Detached guest lodges are situated at the Centre territory. The Centre is able to accommodate for a night up to 30 people at a time.
Guest services available: Organisation of wedding and corporate events, jubilees. Detached guest lodges, cafe, Belarusian cuisine, horse ride training, open-air horse riding, tennis court, billiard hall.